Embracing Loss Together: No Family Stands Alone

At Inspirationally Grieving My Baby, we believe in the power of community, support, and education to help families navigate the painful journey of pregnancy and infant loss. We strive to raise awareness and reduce the isolation often experienced.

Our goal is to heal and honor every lost infant.

Comfort Boxes : A Touch of Solace

Our Comfort Boxes are more than just items – they represent understanding, care, and a community standing by you in a time of loss. Packed with soothing essentials like teddy bears, personalized mementos, and comforting literature, these boxes serve as a tangible expression of support.

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Memorial Wall

Providing a space for heartfelt tributes and cherish memories to be shared by all who visit.

Memorial Wall

Make a Difference, Donate Today

Your donation has the power to bring light into a grieving family’s darkest hour. Every contribution, big or small, goes directly towards providing comforting support to those experiencing the unthinkable loss of a pregnancy or an infant. Donate today and join us in our mission to support and uplift as many families as we can.

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Find strength in the depth of your grief, for it has the power to transform pain to purpose and create a legacy of love in honor of those we have lost

what we would like to do in the future with more funding

  • Provide grief counseling support in English & Spanish
  • Provide comfort gifts to families of loss
  • Provide hospitals with memory boxes and bereavement materials
  • Provide awareness and educational programs specifically tailored for families & friends affected by Pregnancy & infant loss
  • Provide financial assistance for burial expenses
  • Provide events to families of pregnancy & Infant loss in NYC